Private Self Defence Tuition for Women & Families

Protect Yourself & Your Family

With nearly 20 years as a celebrity bodyguard to A-list stars, our lead instructor, Dene Josham, understands the pressures that people in the public eye face.

We know that keeping your family safe is your number one priority – and it’s ours too.

Streetwise Defence offers one-to-one self defence lessons for women, teenagers and men.

You may well have private security too, and that’s great, but knowing you have the ability to protect yourself and your family gives you real peace of mind.

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How it Works


Dene will come to your home (or other location of your choice) and will put together a self defence training programme specific to your needs.

This can be as simple as a half day lesson with basic techniques, right through to ongoing and in-depth physical training.

Our service is confidential and discreet, and even though we are covering a sensitive subject we ensure the training is fun and empowering (have a look at our testimonials for feedback about our training).

If you would like a female chaperone at your self defence lesson, this is something we can arrange.


“The training with Dene has changed my views on self defence protection – I know how to prevent escalation, put myself first and be confident in my actions and decisions.”

Miss S.B.


one-to-one self defence lessons – What’s Covered

We’ll cover anything and everything you want to know about protecting yourself and your family.

No prior knowledge of self defence is required and we can train teenagers and adults of any age and physical ability.

Switching On

Typically, we will start out by looking at awareness of threats, how to evaluate them and strategies to avoid risk. We examine how your body might react to a high-stress situation and the effect that adrenaline has on you.

Having a positive mindset and confident body language plays a significant part in staying safe, so we discuss how to achieve this.

Although it is not a pleasant subject, it is important to know the different types of attackers and the rituals they may follow. This can help you spot them early on and prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

We’ll also discuss self defence, pre-emptive strikes and the law – so you know where you stand.

Physical Responses

The second part of our private tuition looks at your physical responses to different types of attacks. So, what to do if someone attacks from front and behind, when you are out on public transport, on foot and in confined spaces. We also cover staying safe in your car and how to deal with knife attacks.

We then cover improvised weapons and how to be prepared, moving on to how you can respond physically to different types of attacks.

Striking techniques will include kicking, punching, close quarter and grappling.

This may sound a bit scary, but Dene will ensure you feel comfortable, relaxed and able to learn and absorb this vital life skill.


Book private Self Defence Training


If you would like to discuss private self defence tuition contact Dene for an informal chat.

We can also support you to identify practical ways to make your home more secure, such as the creation of a safe room and security advice.