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Essential Self Defence Training for Women

Self defence in the real world is 95% awareness and avoidance

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memorable clients

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Self Defence Training for Corporates, Groups and Individuals

Streetwise Defence provides self defence and personal safety training for businesses, their employees, groups and private individuals.

Our self defence courses are offered throughout the UK and internationally; they can be held at your business, home or at a location of your choice.

We believe that self defence is an essential life skill that everyone needs to keep themselves and their families safe.

Our training isn’t about learning martial arts, it’s about being ‘switched on’ to the potential threats you may face and developing strategies to avoid them. And, if you do find yourself in a dangerous situation where there is no alternative but to defend yourself, you’ll be equipped with simple and effective self-protection techniques.



You will learn

·      Threat awareness, evaluation and avoidance

·      Mindset, body language and adrenaline

·      Attackers, their habits and behaviours

·      Improvised weapons, self defence and the law

·      Effective striking and self defence techniques.

Meet Dene

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Your Lead Self Defence Instructor is Dene Josham. With nearly 20 years’ experience in close protection and 10 years teaching self defence, you are in a very safe pair of hands.

Dene’s work as a bodyguard has seen him regularly protecting actors and celebs around the world.

With a background in boxing, martial arts, time in the Royal Marines and in Iraq, East Asia, Tunisia and Nigeria, he has an unrivalled knowledge of security, self defence and what really works.

Have a look at some of his testimonials from women who have completed his self defence training.


“Dene made the workshop enjoyable. The subject matter was sensitive in places, but he did it in a good way. I have left feeling a lot better that I can defend myself.”

Mrs M.V.


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