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Dene’s Story

If you want to know more about Streetwise Defence, then you really need to understand the story of its founder and lead instructor, Dene Josham.

Dene has experienced his fair share of incredible adrenaline highs and extreme lows, but what has been steady throughout his life are his values of helping people and passion for what he does.


Discipline, Focus, Fitness


“I first got interested in boxing at around the age of 13. After being bullied at little school, suddenly having the ability to look after myself was a big change for me. Knowing that I could physically defend myself and experiencing that feeling of security and confidence is something that has stayed with me throughout my life.

“I’ve since trained in Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and a mixture of others, I just wanted the best parts from each that would be practical and effective in a real street fight.

“I like the discipline, focus and fitness of martial arts, and the fact that you only have to rely on yourself.”


Highs and Lows


Dene’s early career saw him juggling various jobs such as a Fireman and casual work, whilst considering a professional career in Kickboxing. It wasn’t until he joined the Royal Marines at the age of 26 though, that he found his true calling.

“It was the feeling that working together we could achieve anything – nothing was impossible - and being at the absolute peak of physical fitness, it felt like everything fitted into place.”

A tragic accident whilst on leave during training, where Dene was hit by a drunk driver, put an end to his career in the Marines, suffering lower leg and foot injuries which required multiple pins and plates. The nature of the injury led to him contracting MRSA, where he was confined to isolation in hospital for three months.


Crack On


A life-changing accident can affect people in one of two ways – you crash and burn or you crack on with it. And you can probably figure out which way this story goes …

After recovering from his injuries, Dene was offered some security work, which he quickly took to – enjoying the combination of the physical and mental sides of the job. Training in and progressing his career in close protection became his new goal.

“I’m fortunate to have taken my career as a bodyguard to the highest level, looking after some of the world’s most famous celebrities, actors and CEOs.”

Dene teaching a self defence class for women

Dene teaching a self defence class for women


A Life Skill That Everyone Needs

Nearly 20 years on, Dene still does some close protection work, but his real passion is teaching self defence.

“I guess my experiences in the very high-pressure environment of celebrity bodyguarding have influenced my style of self defence. What I teach is real, these aren’t just textbook theories on self defence. They are techniques that have been pressure-tested in a live environment and I know they work.

“Self defence is a life skill that everyone should have, especially women. I want to share my knowledge and skill set to keep women and their families safe and feeling confident and empowered.”

“I went along with a friend to Dene’s self defence class. It was very inspiring and thought-provoking and makes you think about how to keep yourself safe. We had great fun and learnt some really useful techniques. I would definitely recommend these classes and I’d be interested in attending others.”

Mrs S. R.

Self Defence Training & Personal Safety Services

Dene has been teaching self defence for 10 years to individuals and groups. His classes are friendly, enjoyable and uplifting – even though very sensitive subjects are often covered. Have a look at some of our testimonials for what people say about our training.

Self Defence Course Content

Take a look at our training pages for more info on what is covered in our courses.

·      Corporate Self Defence Training for Women

·      Group Self Defence Classes for Women

·      One-to-one Self Defence Training

Don’t worry if you can’t find what you are looking for though, just drop us a note - we can create bespoke self defence training to suit your requirements.




·      PBA (Professional Bodyguard Association) Diploma

·      SIA (Security Industry Authority) Level 3 Close Protection Certificate (Front line) and is licensed by the SIA (this includes the DBS Check)

·      ISS (Israel Security Systems) VIP Protection and Advanced Driving Training

·      BCA (British Combat Association) – Self Defence to teach. Dene also holds Associate Instructor Membership with the BCA and is fully insured

·      WABBA (The World Governing Body for Bodybuilding and Fitness Education) – Personal Trainer course.